Dr. Avi Weisfogel is Blazing the Trail in Dental Sleep Medicine

One of the best gifts you could ever give yourself is a good night sleep. This is because of the massive benefits that emanate for a longer period of sleep during the night. For those people who want to have productive days ahead of them, the best they could do is to achieve better business value by working towards adoption of credentials. This is the reason why we must attain the most sophisticated business capabilities in the correct space to achieve the best in the industry. Sleep is also concerned with the activated business states that make you productive after a day’s work.

A good day is noted in the morning, if you wake up tired, it means you did not enjoy your sleep. For this reason, you will develop moods all through the day. If you want to avoid these cases, you must strive towards solving the business problems you have for a brighter day ahead of you. Scientists and doctors also state that long hours of sleep are associated with longevity. Science also proves this by stating that enough sleep enables your body to heal its dead cells to make you whole again, if you don’t have enough hours of sleep to make you whole again, you will never achieve the most sophisticated business capabilities in the industry.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the best sleep specialists in the United States. Dr. Weisfogel has more than three decades of professional experience solving the needs their clients have in the industry. For this reason, no one could amass better business solutions in a manner that predicts the company’s business structure. Dr. Weisfogel advises that people must not engage in looking for money at the expense of enough sleep. If you spend much of your time working towards achieving your solutions, you will spend that money solving your sleep problems when you are old. For this reason, it is wise enough to achieve the best while your mind is in the correct state. Dr. Weisfogel is also the CEO and Founder of the Dental Sleep Masters Com[any based in the United States.

Waiakea Water: Pure Water in a Degradable Package

Waiakea Water Company has proven to be environmentally friendly over the years. It has earned the reputation for providing a sustainable environment for water provision and environment conservation. From the recent reports, Waiakea Volcanic Water Company is committed to preserving and conserving the nature. They have launched the use of degradable bottles which will be useful as from next year.

The new approach will reduce the packaging lifespan by 98%. The packaging method will not only be helping us save the world from the solid waste pollution, but it will save the company money since the bottles are 100% recyclable. They use TimePlast in the manufacturing of the water bottles which reduces the plastics lifespan to 15 years from 1,500 years. Waiakea will be the first company in the world to use the degradable plastics in their packaging.

Waiakea is a Hawaiian based water company that sources its water from the slopes of the famous Mauna Loa volcanic mountain. Its customers include the citizens of Hawaii as well as the Americans, although they supply their pure volcanic water to different countries. Their source of water is always abundant and sufficient with water. They sustainably source 393 million gallons every day. According to Hawaii Water Resource Management, the Hawaii water source production in a month is equivalent to the amount of water consumed globally in one year. Waiakea does not experience water fluctuation crisis unlike other sources in the world. However, they use only 1% of their water to satisfy their customers sustainably.

They are notable in energy saving, and they use 33% of the renewable energy in production operations. They have always been cautious about the environment through proper waste disposal and use of recyclable RPET bottles. Even though it is expensive to acquire TimePlast additive that makes the bottle degradable it’s all the same as cost incurred in colorant when using RPET. Therefore, shifting to the use of the degradable bottles from the high-quality recyclable RPET bottles will not be an issue to the company.

The Company received a recognition award for CarbonNeutral Certification in 2012. Waiakea provides pure water with electrolytes like sodium, mineral salts and potassium that are essential elements in human bodies.

Elysium Health Leads the Anti-Aging Industry

Elysium Health is a company that strives to help others live a healthier and longer life through science. The founders and staff of Elysium work directly with some of the world’s leading scientists and clinicians. They work to enhance their products with the latest technology and science advancements. Elysium approaches the health industry with a new category of products that are catered to improve their overall health. They have created a new supplement along with many other products that are changing the way people live and feel. Their products contain real ingredients that do exactly what they’re supposed to do. They produce high-quality healthcare products like daily multivitamins that are tested for safety. Their focus is primarily on vitamins and they have developed their very first product which is called Basis.

Basis is aimed to boost levels of a protein called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). The protein is found in our cells and studies suggest that by increasing the levels within our body it may help prevent the aging process. NAD is known to become the sound process of communication between the nucleus and everything else that makes up the cell. Our NAD levels continue to decrease as we age and the communication between one another begins to decrease.

Elysium begins with the process of taking all of their products and evaluating them to ensure that they have utilized all of the available research and scientific findings. After these steps have been confirmed, the product becomes available for purchase. There are many steps that are taken in order to get to the point of sale. Those steps include reviewing the literature and completing extensive reviews. Then they move on to the preclinical development where they validate and go one step further with the details they’ve already discovered. The third step is the FDA NDI Submissions which focuses on their submission to the FDA. After it’s approved by the FDA it will go into a safety testing phase which is categorized as Phase 1 of the clinical trial. The last step is the efficacy testing step, which completes the second phase of the trial and becomes available on the market.

The Great Businessman, Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is a great icon and a specialist in the Bitcoin and Altcoin currencies. He possesses a lot of knowledge in these areas and has been doing this job since he left the University. He is a great author, entrepreneur and a media expert. He is an writer at CoinSpeaker and joined the company in the year 2014. CoinSpeaker is the second largest Bitcoin Website. It has over three hundred thousand readers every month and thus one of the largest. The readers include bank analysts, venture capitalists and even start up CEOs across the globe. The website is usually read by great experts and therefore writing and publishing at the site calls for massive experience and dedicated professionalism.

Daniel Mark Harrison has also worked as an editor and publisher at Marx Rand. The company happens to be a general news agency that focusses on exploring some various concepts. The website has exposed so many hidden stories across the globe. He also happens to be a great volunteer and has worked as a voluntary columnist at BNET.com and also AEMMF. He has been able to serve as a writer at Credit Flux. In his writing career, he happens to have done an awe-inspiring work, and his publications are scattered all over in the world.

Daniel Mark as a business person also happens to be the chairman and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Daniel Mark Harrison and CO. (DMH&CO). He is very focused on making the best in life. The company is a based family office that has its operations in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and even Singapore is slowly becoming a hedge fund giant across the globe. He has been able to amass billions of money from the investment and has dreams of making it better. He is also the managing partner of Monkey Capital one of the largest Blockchain systems investors. He has worked tirelessly, and the company happens to have achieved a lot. He possesses excellent managerial skills and also believes in team building and cooperation among the employees. He believes in giving people space to work comfortably.

How To Cut Stress Out From Party Planning

Planning a party can bring lots of excitement and anticipation. It can also bring stress, which can cause anxiety. Fortunately, there are some easy tips you can use to help you cut the stress out from party planning. You will find some of these tips below.

Organization can drastically cut down your stress when you are planning for a party. Tips for organizing include creating a shopping list for your party, a guest list of attendees, and a to do list for preparations and decor. When you are organized, you will feel less overwhelmed and be able to efficiently use your time to complete the party preparation.

Coming up with a them for your party can also make planning easier and less stressful. You can come up with any theme you want and then build the party around that. For example, you can create a Russian style dinner party with authentic Russian foods or create a southern style BBQ outdoors for a graduation party. Simply select a theme and find ways to incorporate that theme into the party elements such as food, decorations, music, plates, setting etc.

Another tip is to send out invites well in advance. This way you won’t forget anybody who is on your guest list. Sending invites by mail through a handwritten postcard or note is a excellent idea. If you are short on time, you can always email or even text someone an invitation. It does pay to invite people ahead of time though.

For food and drink tips, you can create a self-serve bar. This can help you save time when it comes to deciding which drinks to order and whether to hire a bartender for the event. You should also keep appetizers simple and offer a variety of foods. This can help the party move along and keep your guests happy.

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Remarkable Success Marks Louis Chenevert’s Leadership Role at UTC

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian citizen. He went to the University of Montreal’s HEC Montreal and attained an undergraduate production management degree. Chenevert spent 14 years of his professional career working for General Motors. He also got the chance to be promoted to president at Pratt & Whitney Canada in 1999 after he spent six years in the company.

In 2008, Chenevert joined UTC’s leadership team as president and CEO. His tenure ended in 2014, and he was succeeded by Edward Kangas. Besides his tenure at UTC, he also held the position of vice chair for The Business Council’s Executive Committee. Also, he was an exclusive advisor working with the Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs.

Chenevert’s Tenure at UTC

One of the notable financial transactions that Chenevert facilitated is the Goodrich acquisition deal. It took close to a year for Goodrich’s leadership team to accept the offer, which was valued at $18.4 billion. Chenevert will also be remembered at UTC for his tireless efforts to foster the advancement of technology usage and staff at UTC. His leadership philosophy was based on the fact that companies can achieve economic success if more resources are invested in technology and the workforce.

At UTC, Chenevert also had a keen eye for projects with the potential of helping the company achieve its business goals. He also inspired the firm’s employees to put in more effort in such projects.

Fabletics Ranks Top Of The Line Thanks to Reviews Which Leverage Shoppers

Consumers are taken by the power of the crowd. For consumers, that means that buyers will follow the crowd in regards to what other buyers are shopping for. Shoppers will follow a crowd as long as there are good reviews on the items they are shopping for. Because of this, more companies are living up to their names. Companies like Fabletics.


Fabletics has been around since its launch in 2013. The company has grown to well over 200% since it first started in 2013 and is a $235 million dollar business today. There are over a 100 million members who pay a monthly fee to join the crowd. The head marketing officer of TechStyle, the head company for Fabletics, Shawn Gold has used the marketing tools that has led the company to be a major success.


Buyers are able to drive more buyers in by what they say about a company or by their actions with a brand from a company. Companies know this and are using this to bring in more customers. In today’s world, there have been an increased amount of shoppers who live their lives digitally. This means they rely on online reviews and what they read, it affects their overall decision making process.


Before shoppers purchase an item, they generally will search for the reviews of the business they are looking to shop from. By performing research, more people are able to decide if they think an item is good or not.


In recent studies, there has been studies done to determine what shoppers feel about their online reviews and of the people questioned, 84% of them trust what they read from others on items they are shopping for. For companies like Fabletics, this means a great deal to them. For this reason, they try their hardest to ensure that their shoppers are pleased overall with their purchases.


Kate Hudson signed on to work with Fabletics in order to push her beliefs on what workout gear should look like and feel like. She believes in making women feel good about themselves when they are working in a crowded gym. She beleives that women should also be able to wear their workout gear for more than just working out.


Kate Hudson came into Fabletics without any prior knowledge for business and has worked hard to ensure that she remains active within the company. She strives to stay involved in all decision making processes involved with the business to make sure they are a success for years to come.

The Successful Career And Investment Skills Of Paul Mampilly

Nothing secures the future of an investor than an experienced as well as professionalinvestment manager. It is factual that an astute investment manager must initiate safe investment platforms for clients. Although safe, the platforms must be aggressive. That is the right definition of Paul Mampilly, an American investment manager who thrives in assisting investors.


The career experience of Paul Mampilly can be described as Rome was not built on one day. With over 25 years experience in investment, Paul Mampilly has established close friendly working relationships. He has also managed to maintain these relationships for his good. Paul is has covered several investment sectors including biotech as well as health care. As an analyst, he is prominent for creating strong diversified portfolios and ensuring proper management. Paul Mampilly has managed several banking portfolios from international platforms with one of them being Deutsche Bank and Bankers Trust.


In addition to working for international banks, Mampilly has managed multiple teams including dockets that hold approximately $23 billion in mutual funds as well as $6 billion in hedge funds. He has established a huge base of strong clients that include the European aristocracy as well as Templeton Foundation and Swiss banks on that operate on private basis. Perhaps his highly ranked client base is the Scotland Bank of Royalty.

Career Growth

In 2016, Mampilly joined The Sovereign Society. He landed the position of senior editor by specializing in offering assistance to main street Americans. Mampilly ensured that he covered this base of clients by providing sound advice in wealth generation, technology as well as special opportunities. For more than 25 years, Paul Mampilly had a direct trading platform on money management. This business was initiated on Wall Street Journal prior to his retirement. In his 40s, Mampilly retired to establish a close relationship with his family.


As a visionary service provider, Mampilly covers his client’s future. A good illustration of his involvement in such scenarios was in 2010 when he assisted direct investments at a company called Kinetics International Fund to multiply revenue. He also has direct investments at the Templeton Foundation. Paul Mampilly maintains a high profile client base in investment. He is dedicated to providing excellent investment advice geared towards transforming the lives of his clients.

For more information about Paul Mampilly, just click here.

Why Personal Cyber Security is Important

With the rising number of cyber threats happening recently, investors are concerned and continuously asking the question on the significance of cyber security. To start with, the heightened number of cyber-attacks has been detrimental to government departments as well as corporations and companies. A good example is the one that occurred in May this year where a ransomware inscribed itself in more than 300000 computers in over 150 countries for Wannacry Company. This has been termed as the largest cyber-attack so far and a call for companies to take steps and measures towards curbing such vulnerability. Organizations can shield themselves from this kind of attacks by responding and installing stringent measures on cyber security.


It has been noted that between 2013 and 2015 cyber crime costs increase to somewhere between 400 billion US dollars to 500billion US dollars. This accounts for significant losses. Cybercrime Ventures, a company that deals with personal cyber security crime projected that losses in cyber crime are likely to increase to six trillion by 2021. These will occur in different ways including stolen money, damaged data, intellectual property theft, lost productivity, post attack disruptions to business, embezzlement, fraud, restoration, forensic investigations as well as deleted hacked data among others. Investors may be aware of the increasing cyber-attack on medical devices, which is expected to reach an increase of 101 billion US dollars by 2018.


According to a survey done by PWC, 59 percent of respondents in the survey explained how the digitalization of their businesses had an impact on their security budget. These statistics show that personal cyber security is growing and more companies are responding and recognizing its significance. However, there is still the challenge of increased cyber needs vs. budget limitations due to limited funding in the sector. However, there is hope that companies and governments will allocate more funds to deal with this issue accordingly.


About Rubica

Rubica is your personal cyber crime expert whose focus is to keep your digital world safe for you. The company offers an extremely sophisticated but simple to use technology that keeps your data safe. It operates in the background making sure that you are only alerted when necessary. No need to panic.


Nathaniel Ru Makes His Name Known

When it comes to any type of quality food people know that they have to pay a little more than what is on a dollar menu in order to get high quality product. Nathaniel Ru knew when he created sweet dream that he would be doing consumers a favor by presenting them with an option to eat healthier for a little more than what they were doing prior to the invention of Sweetgreen. He has created a restaurant that is getting the attention of a lot attention from consumers because it speaks to a younger generation that actually appreciates healthy food.


Nathaniel has proven that customers are going to embrace healthy menu items like the vegetables, warm bowls, fruits and chips that are part of his menu because people are concerned about eating healthy. They know that there is a shift in the diet plan in the United States, and they are taking an interest in taking better care of themselves.


Nathaniel has definitely proven that he has food that people are interested in because the lines are growing longer and longer for the Sweetgreen restaurants. People are becoming familiar with this brand because this company has evolved in many different states. Nathaniel has put Sweetgreen restaurant shops in New York and California. He has also spread in Philadelphia and Chicago. This is a true sign that Nathaniel has a customer base that is ready to support what he is trying to do.


Nathaniel has proven that healthy food is something that people will take interest in if it is delivered and presented in the way that people would like to see it presented in. He knew that it would take a lot to get people to eat healthy so he put a lot of time into marketing a company that would present a totally different approach to healthy food. He did not sell Sweetgreen as some type of over the top healthy food establishment.


Strangely, Nathaniel Ru chose to enter the fast food race and actually throw his restaurant into the cycle of fast food establishments as simply another fast food restaurant that provided people with alternatives. He was not doing the traditional fast food, but he has certainly been able to connect with a fast-food crowd. Sweetgreen has become one of the leaders in the alternatives to the cheeseburgers and Happy Meals that have plagued American restaurant menus.